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The support of the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is gratefully acknowledged for funding of our e-resources and for providing funding for our high-speed internet connectivity.

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Gale Cengage Learning - Link to Chilton vechicle repair, Kids Infobits, Grzimek's Animal Life, Canada in Context, Discovering Collection, General OneFile, Infotrac Collections, and Literature Resource Centre(Password is 'trillium')  EBSCO - Link to Consumer Health Info, Canadian Points of View, Novelist (14 Digit Card Number to login)                EBSCO - Comprehensive resource for consumer-oriented health content

 Tumble Book Library - Collection of animated, talking children's picture books     TumbleBooksCloud Junior contains early reader chapter books, children's classics, and more.      Is an online audio book library collection for public libraries. The collection contains 1,000 books!

 Link for teens - providing curricular support and self-help on topics like diseases, drugs & alcohol, nutrition, and emotional help  OverDrive Downloadable Audiobooks and Ebooks  

A Genealogy Guide
Searching genealogy has become very common, with many people investing in different methods. People have different reasons for wanting to find out who their ancestors are; sometimes it’s just curiosity while other times there is a medical necessity. Whatever your reason may be, you need to be sure you know how to approach the process.

Genealogy Research Strategies
Tracing genealogy records has become a hobby for some people while for others it is an obsession. Those who have been adopted or find themselves a victim of the “system,” may have the need to find out who their parents are. This could be out of curiosity, but in many cases, it is the need to secure medical information. It can be a difficult chore if you have no idea how or where to begin your search. The Internet has made this task easier, especially with sites such as and, but they don’t always provide everything necessary to locate a person’s ancestors. Consider the following sources of information as you begin working on your genealogy.

Family Search Centre 
(LDS Genealogy website)

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(About my Property-is a secure, online self-service application that provides property owners with convenient access to property assessment information, lot size, recent sales, etc. on your and neighbouring properties-free) (See library staff for assistance to access it if you require it--you will need your property assessment notice for your unique username and password)

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