Roads Department

Roads Department

Picture of a snow plow truck driving down a road plowing snow in the winter.
Respect the Plow. Maintain a safe distance and give roads crews the space to work to keep our roads clear.

Our Roads Department Hours

WINTER HOURS (Nov 15- Apr.15)

Monday to Thursday 6:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Friday 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
These hours can change during the winter season.

SUMMER HOURS (Apr.15- Nov.15)

Monday to Thursday 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Fridays CLOSED
These hours can change during the summer season.


Depending on the season and the weather, road conditions can change rapidly. If you need to report a road hazard, please contact the Township Office. After hours please contact the Public Works Manager listed below. If you are unable to reach the Public Works Manager, contact the CAO/Clerk.


  • Winter Driving

    Snow How
    This campaign reminds drivers to safely navigate winter roads by slowing down, being patient and giving snowplows plenty of space. Everyone has to do their part to get around safely in the winter.

    Drivers need to have their own plan, which includes leaving earlier and outlining a route. It is important to delay unnecessary travel during significant storms to give plows time to do their jobs. It’s also safer for drivers. Other ways to drive safely this winter include:

    Go Slow Driving in Snow
    Drive according to weather conditions, not the speed limit.

    •  Adjust your speed accordingly and give yourself extra travel time. During a storm, posted speed limits are usually too fast.
    • Conditions can also be unpredictable and change rapidly.
    • Avoid sudden moves, starts or stops. Start slowly on slick or snowy roads and brake gradually, giving yourself plenty of space. Steer gently into turns to maintain control.
    • Be visible. Use your low-beam headlights when it is snowing. They are brighter than daytime running lights and will turn on your tail lights.

    Be Nice Driving On Ice
    Stopping distance on ice is double that of a dry road.

    • Leave extra space when driving in icy conditions.
    • Approach intersections slowly when they are covered with ice or snow.
    • Use extra caution on bridges and ramps. Ice can form without warning, even if roadways are dry.
    • Watch out for black ice – a thin, nearly invisible coat of ice that can make the road look like shiny new asphalt.
    • Pavement will look grey or white in the winter.

    It’s Not A Race, Give Plows Space
    Plows can’t see you and you can’t see the road ahead.

    • Plows are extra wide and throw snow and spray, making it difficult to see if the road ahead is clear for passing.
    • The safest place is well behind the plow.
    • Wait for plows to pull over before passing. But don’t accelerate too quickly – the road ahead is unplowed and could be slick or snowy.
    • Avoid parking in the road. Plows can’t clear roads that are blocked by parked cars.
  • Road Maintenance

Roads Department
Township Garage
Address: 3988 Boulter Road, Boulter, Ontario KOL-IGO
John Mayhew
Public Works Manager (Emergency Only)
Address: 3988 Boulter Road, Boulter, Ontario K0L 1G0
Jenny Snider
CAO/ Clerk/ Deputy Treasurer
Address: 3987 Boulter Road, Boulter, Ontario K0L 1G0

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Roads Department

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