Hearts for Healthcare

Hearts for Healthcare


The Township of Carlow/Mayo is pleased to be taking part in the Hearts for Healthcare initiative, that recognizes and shows appreciation to the frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic. We are encouraging residents to hang a heart in their front windows, doors or yards in support.

As our Warden Rick Phillips states: “Throughout this crisis, we have been witness to the extraordinary efforts of our healthcare workers as they battled against COVID-19,” says Warden Rick Phillips, Hastings County. “Hastings County Council has marvelled at the strength, dedication and personal sacrifice people have shown daily. We owe them a debt that cannot be repaid and whether they work in our long-term care homes, paramedic services, hospitals, doctors’ offices or cared for us in our homes they deserve to be recognized for the true heroes they are,” stated Phillips.

The heart design can be downloaded at http://quintewest.site/Hearts where it can be printed and decorated, or you can create your own. Participants are encouraged to take pictures of their decorated hearts and submit them to https://pollunit.com/polls/heartsforhealthcare where others can view and leave positive comments in the spirit of celebrating everyone in the healthcare field.
Let’s all use our voice to thank and encourage our healthcare workers!

Hearts for Healthcare

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